Wednesday, 25 September 2013

SINOPM makes Bottle Preform Molds with strict quality control and high precision

Plastic bottles are wildly used for drinking package field; most of the plastic bottles are made by bottle preforms. Especially in summer, drinking’s have very large beverage sales, so bottle preform mold is popular with the development of the drinking field and customers requirements.

For bottle preform mold, there are 28mm PCO bottle preform mold, 38mm PCO bottle preform mold, 48mm PCO bottle preform molds, CSD standard, wide mouth preform molds, jar preform molds, etc. Bottle preforms like 28PCO, 3025, 1881 standard, their PET preform wall thickness should not over 4mm, and the distance between bottle preform neck and the bottle body should leave out at least 3-5mm.
For bottle preform mold, according to our experience, Stainless steel can ensure a long life time for mold, normally for cavity and core we will use S136 from Stavax, the hardness can reach HRC45-52; DIN1.2316; S420, etc., and for mold base, DIN1.2311 according to DME standard.

What is a good bottle preform mold? We can judge it from its injection system, cooling system, guiding system, ejection system, etc. Our company Sino Package Mould Co. Ltd has experienced designers can help you design the mold according these 4 systems above, technical engineers manufacture your bottle preform mold with strict quality control and high precision. 

We equipped with 12 sets high speed CNC machine which the tolerance can reach 0.05mm; 1 CNC milling center, the milling stroke is 6000*3000*2000mm, can help you machining multi-cavity bottle preform mold such as 36-cavity, 48-cavity, 96-cavity, 120-cavity, etc. 2 Sodick EDM machines, SODICK precision wire cutting machine, deep hole drilling machine, 320 tons mold pressing machine… can realize high precision for your bottle preform mold.

Cavity and core are interchangeable for bottle preform mold, it can help you to share the same mold base, mold components, but different cavities and cores to saving investment and realize different bottle preform sizes.

Buy bottle preform mold from China, work with us, Sino Package Mould Co. Ltd is your best choice in China. We have helped our customers to set up many bottle molding lines in Brazil, in Algeria, Pakistan, Iran, Guinea, etc. Welcome your kindly enquiry and down visiting to our company!

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

SINOPK has rich experience on plastic preform mould designing & tooling

In our daily life, plastic drinking bottles are wildly used, and we can see plastic drinking bottles everywhere, such as mineral water bottles, Coca Cola bottles, fruit drinking bottles, 5 gallon water bottles, even Cosmetic plastic bottles… All of these bottles are made by plastic preforms, and all plastic preforms come out from plastic preform mould.

Sino Package Mould Co. Ltd is professional in manufacturing plastic preform mould. We have made plastic preform mould from 2-cavity to 120-cavity. We are famous plastic preform mould supplier in China, located in HuangYan – plastic mould town.

We can make PP plastic preform mould, professional PET preform mould and PC preform mould for you. Normally, PP plastic bottles are for baby drinking bottle use, PET bottles are applied the most widely; PC bottles are with big thickness and for reusable drinking bottles.

For plastic preform mould, the valve gate is better, comparing with hot runner or cold runner gate. In our company, if our customers have no special requirements on hot runner brand such as Husky, Yudo, Incoe, Mastip, etc. we suggest to apply our Sino Holdings Group own hot runner brand – Anole, with German heating elements and can supply you with a long guarantee and a good after-sales-service, and of course a competitive price.

You may ask the difference between different size bottles and the weight. Normally, 28g+/-2g preforms can blow 0.5L bottles, 40g+/-2g preforms can blow 1.5L bottles, and 88g +/- 2g preforms can blow 5L bottles.
Because PET and PC plastic material are very hydrophilic, if material is wet, the preforms will be not transparent and become white. So before production, we must dry PET and PC completely. For PET material, the drying temperature should be between 140° and 160° for 4 hours; for PE and PP material, the drying temperature should be around 80° for 2 hours. If during injection, the temperature is too high, the preforms will become yellow or even become black, it is not good for plastic bottles or using or selling.
Our Sino Package Mould Co. Ltd not only has rich experience on plastic preform mould designing and making technology, but also has skilled and professional technologies for plastic preform mould molding solutions.

We can supply you plastic preform mould, injection molding machines, auxiliary machines, plastic raw material, and training for your one-stop turnkey projects. If you want to set up a new factory for plastic preforms and bottles, please choose us!

Buy plastic preform mould from China, buy moulds from Sino Package Mould Co. Ltd.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Plastic Bottle Cap Moulds with the injection process

Manufacturing plastic bottle cap is quite a complicated procedure. This process generally welcomes the usages of latest machines that completely guarantee that products are designed and made in the best possible way. Albeit there are various other ways of creating different parts from a plastic, the injection moulding is mostly favoured.  

Making a plastic bottle cap moulds via injection process is quite a common method of creating different parts .It is the most essential component of creating plastic bottle stoppers. Various other parts like the automotives as well as wire spools too are manufactured through this procedure. Injection moulding is actually a procedure of creating different parts from a wide range of materials e.g. the thermosetting plastic as well as thermoplastic.

While manufacturing the cap of the bottle, the molten plastic is generally fed into the barrels that are quite heated up. After feeding they are further mixed and later compelled into the mould cavity. The next process is to gradually cool down the completed part and wait for it to amalgamate inside the metal mould that is either made out of aluminium or steel. Mould makers are responsible for making the moulds that are later precision-machined so that they can easily form various parts. 

The benefit of this process is that it tends to involve a very low labour price. In such method the rate of production is quite high and manufacturers can make use of several materials to make the parts.
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