Monday, 24 December 2012

Sino Packaging Mould is one of the best preform moulds manufacturer in molds producing industry

With continuous developing and improvement in the technological innovation, Sino Packaging Mould Co., Ltd has been one of the best professional preform moulds manufacturer in packaging molds producing industry. We offer customers the complete system for preform molds manufacture, includes hot runner system, preform molding machinery… Sino-PK has won very good reputation, and ranges in the top of preform molds manufacturer list in the packaging market, because we know what our customers need.

Preform mold design innovation:
As a Preform mold manufacturer, SINOPK has more than 20 preform product designers and mould designers, we have new mould analysis meeting once the new order confirmed. During the technical meeting, designers, project manager, sales engineer, processing engineers will discuss together the key points of the preform moulds project, and make a schedule for the Professional preform mold manufacturer. Also there is one very important thing is that designers must attend the preform mould trial, they analyze whether the mould design they made is reasonable in the real mould testing practice. In this way, SINO-PK designs ability develops very rapidly. Now we have made the preform molds cavity from 6,12,24,36,48,64,72,96,128…and we have successfully offered 144 cavities preform moulds for 2 customers from South America. Now our R&D design teams are under developing for 160 cavities of PET preform molds.

Preform mold material selection
SINO-PK, preform mold manufacturer use the optimal steel for preform mold each part, and also make different hardness treatment as per the requirements, we adopt DIN1.2311 for the mould base to make sure the mould base can stand for long time production; Stavax 136 stainless for preform mold core and cavity, tempered with HRC 50+/-2; preform mold neck screw with DIN1.2083 with HRC45 and DIN1.2344 for the mould spare parts... All the mold steel will go for strict selection and must be under inspection after material purchase.

Preform mold tooling facility and machining process:
SINO-PK always believes tooling is very essential to lead for the preform mold manufacture success. From 2010, SINOPM invested more than 20 M to purchase high quality and high precision tooling equipment, now we have 5 sets Mazak high speed lathe, 3 sets of Sodick EDM especially for preform mold manufacture. The preform mold machining process includes 3 stages for the mould core inserts, we have the rough tooling, half precision tooling and precision tooling to make sure the dimension is top precise. All the preform mold components will be strictly made as per the 2D drawing, and be controlled within the tolerance. And after finishing the machining of the each step, all the components should go for QC dept; our QC engineers will do the measurement for the dimensions to make sure if the components are qualified, then they will be passed to the mould assembling workshop.

Preform mold manufacture order management:
SINO-PK preform mold manufacturer has very mature order management system, for each customer’s preform mold project, we have a special team work for that. First, we have one sales engineer will be fully responsible for all your project, and our sales engineers are also technical and attend the training regularly, this allows us very professional when offering service for customers during the communication. And we have special project manager who will follow up the preform mold manufacture complete project from design, production, processing, QC control, mould trial, shipping… This is the key point for the preform mold manufacture success.

Preform mold mass production simulation:
One important reason that why Sino Package Mold Co. Ltd is the professional preform mold manufacturer is that before each preform mold shipping, we will make the mass production simulation, we will take around 3~5 hours for the mass production to make sure there will be no problems when the preform mold run in customer’s workshop. And only after the success of the mass production simulation, the preform moulds are allowed for the shipping.

Thanks to the above key points, Sino-PK is now the typical preform mold manufacturer in the world plastic packaging industry, we are always keep on improvement, and strive for excellence.

SINO-PK is well famous for wide mouth preform moulds production

Wide mouth preform moulds is one kind of preform moulds, it mainly stands for those preforms with diameter more than 42mm, and it is also named jar preform moulds. The wide mouth preform moulds are mainly designed for candy and foods packaging. With more than 20 years’ experience, SINO-PK is professional for wide mouth preform moulds production.

Our jar preform moulds have below features:

Multi-cavities design - For wide mouth preform moulds, we can offer the cavity from1, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24…as per customers’ productivity requirement.

Advanced hot runner system - Anole hot runner valve gate system is applied for SINO-PK wide mouth preform moulds making, the heating elements are from Germany with durable heating performance, the valve gate designs are for material sealing, avoiding the plastic material leakage during injection.

Mould Component interchange - All the mould cores and cavities are self locking system. With high precise dimension control, all the same parts can be interchangeable, and if there is one cavity damaged during the production, only this cavity need to be replaced. Also we can make the neck interchange, for example, we can offer two kinds of neck screws for one set mould, and then the customer can produce the wide mouth preform moulds with two kinds of screw neck to meet his packing requirement.

Weight interchange - For wide mouth preform moulds, we can make the weight interchange around 10g, 20g, and this help customer to reduce a lot of mould production investment.

Mould machining process - For jar preform mold, the tooling is more important compared to standard preform moulds, because the diameter is bigger, the engineers must be very professional and in top mentality. The jar preform moulds core and cavity are required to go though the rough tooling, and precision tooling to make sure the dimension is of top precision. In the precise tooling stage, high speed lathe Mazak is used, and after each tooling stage, the preform moulds components must be inspected by the QC department. If the inspection is qualified, then they will be passed to next step; but if the inspection indicates there is any dimension out of the tolerance, then we need to repeat the previous step or even reprepare the steel, no any mistakes is allowed in SINO-PK’s order management.

Jar preform sample inspection:

After the mould trial, our QC dept will inspect the samples with at least 5 full shots; the main points which should be inspected are as below:
·         Wide mouth preform weight: the weight from each cavity should be at lowest variation.
·         Wide mouth preform ID and OD: the ID is for the mandrel matching and OD is for cap fitting, so these two dimensions are very important.
·         Wide mouth Preform thickness variation: the thickness must be kept within the lowest difference; otherwise the blowing will be affected
·         Wide mouth Preform Polariscope testing: this is to check if the plastic flow is balanced to make sure the preform is easy for blowing
·         Wide mouth preform surface: mainly preform will be produced in PET transparent material, so the surface appearance is very important.
·         Wide mouth preform blowing: this is the key point, so when we make the product design, the blowing feature also needs to be considered.

·         Plastic part design
·         3D mould design
·         2D mould assembly drawing
·         Mould production
·         Plastic injection molding
·         Mould installation in customer’s factory
·         Training for customers’ engineers

Sino Package Mold Co. Ltd is dedicated for the improvement for the wide mouth preform moulds and jar preform moulds. Also we can offer customers the complete line for wide mouth bottle production. Only if you offer us your idea, we can help you to realize.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Sino Mold - High quality preform mold supplier with best services after sales

Sino Mold Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer of perform mold, we are preform mold supplier and manufacture various size of preform molds, besides, we are professional preform mould supplier making PET perform mould, the preform mold from 8 cavities to 144 cavities, we specialized in preform mold, also a responsibility preform mold supplier and preform mold maker, our company is a high quality preform mold supplier. We offer you not a preform mold, but a fine solution. Sino is a preform mold supplier in China.

Our company has more than two decades of making the preform molds, we are professional preform mold supplier, take an example of PET preform mould, PET preform mold with all the moving area which was inserted with durable parts that are interchangeable. We are professional preform mold supplier; which will try our best to offer customers a best solution.
PET preform mould tooling
SINO Co. ltd use high precision tooling machine to machining every PET preform mould. Such as: Fidia high speed CNC machine from Italy, Sodic high precision EDM and Wire cutting machine from Japan, Mazack  high performance lathe machine from Japan etc. Also Sino professional project managers will follow the whole project, control every tooling step when processing. We are preform mold supplier and pay attention on preform mold quality, not offer high quality preform mold, but will offer customers 100% after sales service, we are professional preform mold supplier.

Sino is famous for plastic mould, especially preform mold, we are perform mold supplier, we use STAVAX S420 stainless steel as the preform molds’ cavity,  tempered with HRC 50+/-2, STAVAX S420 stainless steel as core steel, tempered with HRC 50+/-2,  besides, adapting  DIN 1. 2311 with grinding machine with each plate thickness tolerance 0.015mm as base mold, HRC 32. PET preform mould spare parts steel: DIN 1.2344.

It’s Sino’s duty to manufacture the quality assurance preform mold, we are professional perform mold supplier, engineers and designers will catch up a suitable solution to manufacture the preform mold. Sino is a large preform mold supplier in China; we are a responsibility preform mold supplier in Taizhou, China, which was named “the town of the plastic mold”. 

As a  preform mould supplier, we exporter preform mould to all over the world, the   cavities from 4 to max.144 cavities, the thickness is 460 mm to  680 mm, the Max weight is 7800 kg from now on.  Our company also manufacture injection molding machines, we choose the matched machines to customers, it will be great helpful and convenient for our clients, we adopt a suitable machine for the mould, also recommend a matched machine for clients, to be a professional preform mold supplier, we manufacture the preform mold and have the mature technology of the perform mold, what we do is to according to clients’ requirement to make the sealing water and sealing air test.
Are you looking for a high quality of the preform mold supplier? Please also contact SINO Co. ltd...
Sino Mould offer you not a preform mold, but a fine solution, besides, we will offer you a 100% after sales services.

We are preform mold supplier in China and a professional preform mold supplier in mold area.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Sino Package Mould - a reliable preform mold maker in China

Sino Package Mold Co. Ltd is a world famous preform mold maker, located in Taizhou, Zhejiang. Sino makes great efforts to be one of the best preform mold maker in the international market. In recent years, we do a lot of research and development PET preform mold making and achieve a lot to become a leading preform mold maker.

As a preform mold maker with experience in this industry for decades of years, Sino can offer our customer PET preform mold with high quality. We have a mature PET mold management system which is the key to make high quality PET preform moulds. Four departments are involved in this PET mold management system. 

Before sales, our sales department contacts directly our customer. During business negotiation, we will try to understand what our customer really needs. What a professional preform mold maker should offer is not only a mold, but also a solution. So our customer can tell us any of their requirements. As experienced preform mold maker, we know where how to satisfy different needs of different customer under the precondition that preform mold quality is ensured because mold quality has priority to all the others for PET mold maker.
After our customer place us the order, the sales department of Sino will transfer mould order and also customers’ requirement to our project department, which is responsible for mold processing management and tracking. As a high end preform mold maker, Sino Package Mold Co. Ltd requires our project department to make an overall planning from mould design, mould processing and tacks processing progress to ensure everything is OK and meet our customers’ requirement. The project department will make mould processing reports, on which we can clearly find out what will be done on each day. It’s very easy to track every detail point during order flowing. We also can easily find where the problem is when any mould process delay happens and find a solution in time. Only professional PET preform mould maker will do these things. And that’s why we can ensure our quick delivery while many other preform mold makers cannot make it.

The processing department is responsible for PET preform mould processing. They arrange different mold processing equipment to process different part of molds to ensure the correct mould processing and in time delivery. We Sino, the top preform mold maker, have a strict processing standard for almost every PET preform molding part. The processing department should do exactly the same as the standard to ensure the quality of mould processing. 

Apart from the three department mentioned above, there is still one department have a very important part in mould project management system for a preform mold maker—the QC department. The QC department is responsible for mould detection. They will detect the mold during and after the mold is finished to make sure the mould steel quality and mold precision. Mould precision is part of mould quality, especially for those products have high requirement of precision, such as electronics. So the QC department plays a vital role in the management system of a preform mold maker.

Based on the strict mould project management system, Sino has offered our customer thousands of sets of high quality PET preform mould and gain a reputation as a top preform mold maker in China, and even in the world.

Now as a noted Chinese preform mold maker, Sino Package Mold Co. Ltd offer s more than only PET preform mold. We can also offer our customer PET bottle production line. This is especially helpful for those who are planning to start a new PET bottle production line. For this kind of customers, as long as you tell us your requirement, such as what kind of preform you want to produce, how many annual output you want……We will give you a solution for whole production line, from PET preform mould, cap mould, injection machine and all other auxiliary machines. We can also offer good sales service such machine installation, engineer training. These excellent good after sales can only offered by a professional and experienced PET preform mold maker.

Looking for reliable preform mold maker? Contact Sino Package Mould Co. Ltd.