Monday, 24 June 2013

Production Of Plastic Bottle Cap Mold

The plastic bottle is used everywhere and every day. During hot summer seasons, everyone needs water to fulfil their thirst. But the only product helps to carry water easily to all places is the plastic bottle. The plastic bottle is strong, less weight, portable and stylish to carry, etc.. The cap of the plastic bottle is more important. It prevents, the dust to enter into the bottle. The size of cap differs with the design of the bottle. There are some models of caps that are screw type or open/ close type with respective of the design of the bottle. We produce the cap molds by demand and expectations of the customers. 

The cap is manufactured by injection molding machine which uses the plastic bottle cap mold. The mold used can have more number of cavities as required by the manufacturer. The cavities of the cap molds are adjustable to various dimensions with respective to the bottle design. The raw materials are fed to machine through the hopper and it is compressed by the reciprocating screw. Then it is melted by the heaters around the injection cylinders. The volume of injection cylinder is designed to fill all cavities of the mold during the injection process. The plastic bottle cap moulds is always made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion. The mold is to be maintained regularly to avoid corrosions and other surface etching factors. Some of molding defects are blistered, burn marks, color streaks, flash, embedded contaminates, knit lines and sink marks etc.. These defects are to be identified and cleared periodically to produce the best quality plastic product. The blistering of mold can be avoided by maintaining constant cooling process in the mold during the plastic injection process of cap molding. Our cap molds are designed in a manner that the cavities are adjusted by the automated machines. This is our latest trend set in the global market. we assure you that our molds has life long durability as it was made by corrosive resistant alloys.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Overview of Chinese Preform Mold Manufacturing Process

The preform molding has been widely implemented in manufacturing various types of plastic materials. Due to increased production of preform molding, the huge number of manufacturing industries are erected in recent times. But most of the manufactures are present in China hence thus these industries are called as Chinese Preform Mold Manufacturing Industries. Where we are one of the leading Chinese Preform Mould Manufactures. This Chinese preform molding is similar to that other types of preform molding where the technology that is preferred is varied than the other types of molding. We have certain steps in manufacturing preform molding they are mentioned in detail below.
The first and the foremost step involved in this method is the selection of size and shape of the cap where they are placed on the value-gate system which consists of a patent designed rectifying system it is placed in order to adjust the wall thickness. Then heat is applied from the heating system in order to provide thermal expansion then after a few minutes they are passed through the cooling system where are cooled perfectly then they are passed to the hot runner system where they are used in providing an ideal heat. The steel material and the machining tools are used in order to provide a proper design shape and the glossy appearance. Finally they are subjected to a heat treatment in order to increase its strength and toughness of the material. Thus by following the above steps our company provides a standard and very good quality perform molding for making bottles, storage containers, caps etc.
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Monday, 17 June 2013

Steps Involved In Cap Molding Supply And Its Importance

 Cap molding is one of the types of molding technique which is used widely in various parts of the world by numerous Cap Molding Suppliers. Thus various types of molding machines are developed at present in a huge numbers by our company. Each and every molding differs basically in terms of size and shape and also they are varied by means of product name or brand. Mostly all prefer this method of molding more likely than the other types of molding techniques because of the following reasons.

·         They are less expensive than other types of molding techniques.
·         Highly Reliable in quality.
·         Longer Life span.       
·         Time taken for the output is very less.

           Hence thus the above are the some of the major reasons for selecting this type of molding technique by the Cap Molding Suppliers. The process is performed for the fine output. Closure Mold is otherwise known as cap mold. The closure molds has wide applications in beverage industries and mineral water suppliers etc.  These molds are optimized for very high cavitations, and also for the high volume applications at high speeds or intensity. Then these molds are designed with the help of advanced technology and the then with premium or higher quality raw materials with the standards for international excellence, they are available in different stipulations as per customer specific requirement. Each molded cavity has an independent or free heating system and then independent temperature control system. One of the most important features of this mold is that cavity of the mold is replaced easily, so thus the top label can be changed easily. 

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Monday, 10 June 2013

Avail the World Class Preform Molds from the Best Company SINOPK

SINOPK is the best manufacturer of the preform molds and they exports outstanding plastic molds for the worldwide customers. As they are using the latest software for designing and molding, the clients are more satisfied with the products. They also got a lot of experience in this field and with the advanced technique they are able to grasp the clients throughout the world. They are expert in hot water running system; cooling system and PET preform molds valve gate system and unscrewing ejection system of closure mould. The designing method which is used by the SINOPK ensures the optimal thickness, weight and stretch ability and thread fitment. The molds of SINOPK also guarantee the efficient transferring of heat and consistent cooling which helps in enhancing the quality of the molds and leads to the reduced cycle time.
SINOPK also helps in improving the output of the products which provides a huge advantage to the customers. The team members of the preform molds are very talented so it ensures the excellent product design, mold analysis, mold simulation process and mold design. During Quality Control, if the product is not up to the standard of customer expectation, the product will be disqualified it will not be delivered to the customers. Only if the products pass through the Quality Control testing, it will be distributed to the clients. The products and the services which are provided by the SINOPK are offered at a reasonable rate. The after sales services provided by the Company is also one of the advantages offered to the customer.

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