Monday, 26 November 2012

SINO-PK: A Famous Preform Moulds Supplier in China

SINO-PK is a famous preform moulds supplier, who is make the influence to the preform moulds field as the rapidly developing of the preform moulds in SINO, we are the pioneer and the innovator of making multi-cavities preform moulds. The preform moulds with valve injection system have many advantages but in the meantime, if the system is not so perfectly, it will cause some preform product’s question. Such as lack of plastic material, silver and so on. 

SINO-PK is a so professional preform moulds manufacturer; we can offer the best preform moulds and also the best preform moulds solution. Besides, Sino will control the preform moulds quality from the details, Our philosophy is “Responsibility”, we know customers are pursue the excellent preform moulds, so we strictly plan the each step of preform moulds procedure .
1.      Preform molds 2D.3D design for your confirmation.

The professional design team in Sino are having many years’ experience, they will design the perform moulds with the shortest cycle time, set the suitable cooling way and the venting slot.
2.      Preform moulds flow analysis for customer checking 

The software allows us to clearly know the mould running which help us avoiding the something mistake when they perform mould is really operating, we will see the melt plastic material flowing and see the effect on the sample and anything maybe happened on the reality. It has the high requirement of the surface, so the mould flow analysis is so important to the perform moulds.
3.      Preform moulds steel purchasing

To the perform moulds making ,we use S136 as the core/cavity perform mould steel and mould base steel of perform mould use DIN.2311 with the precision tooling ,finishing the mould base we only need 5 days ,as the precision tool machine we have.

4.      Preform moulds processing
l  Preform moulds rough tooling
Do the rough tooling to the perform mould core /cavity /screw by the lathe, we have many sets lathes, so the task can be separated and it will save many times. Preform moulds will be operated on the CNC milling machine, which is called rough milling, we do it as to engrave the shape .We will finish all the rough tooling in one week, including the core, cavity, slider, insert, perform mould  base rough tooling .Almost; we do the rough tooling without any mistake, as the precision tooling we own.
l  After that, drilling the hole and set the water way in the preform mould and also do other treatment.

l  Preform moulds high speed milling machine and finish processing
After we finish the rough tooling then does the finish milling, which is ensure the mould accuracy and not deformation. We will do all the finishing processing on the core/cavity/screw/mould base. Using the boring machine to process the preform mould core guider and preform mould cavity guider. Including all the spare parts finishing processing.

5.      Preform moulds assembling
We have the fitting machine to do the assembling, which is easy to see if the core and cavity is fully ok.

6. To do perform moulds test
Generally, the perform mould first test will be succeed as we have made many sets like 8 cavities perform mould,16 cavity perform mould ,32 cavities perform mould ,48 cavities perform mould ,etc. we send the sample to you with the sample report. We will do the last mould test before the mould to be shipped; we will trial the mould again for the customers’ requirement. We will do the report for the sample again.

So we are guarantee the perform moulds quality and precision.

SINO Package Co. ltd is Chinese perform moulds supplier, no matter small or big, we are so professional to offer the different types of preform moulds .our tooling progress is very strictly and we will train the workers, so our company is keeping improving in the meantime, the worker’s skill is also improving day by day, we are the expert of the preform mould line. If you are interested in making the preform moulds, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A good Supplier of Preform Molds in China

Sino Packaging Co. Ltd specialized in plastic molds, we are plastic molds maker and also one of the professional preform molds manufacturers, and outstanding preform molds exporters. The qualities are assurance, a strong power team of the preform molds, rigorous efficiency work and a preform molds team. More than 50 senior engineers and designers, all of them are specialists.

We choose top quality metal steel for preform molds, design with high mentality for preform molds, and cooling system, design shorten cycle time and improve the preform productivity. SINO-PK offered international market of 120sets annual, until now, we make 120 maximum cavities standard neck preform. All are quality assurance.

Sino packaging Co. Ltd has strong design and manufacture capability. We are professional in PET preform molds valve gate system and cooling system, closure mould unscrewing ejection system and extrusion blowing mould. In this mold area, lots of rich experience we got and much responsibility we have. Preform molds are all export to all over the world our clients are satisfied with our products.
Its design and molding process simulations are all done through latest software to ensure perfect quality. This superior preform molds design method guarantees optimal thickness, stretch ability, weight, thread fitment and so on. It also plays an important role in molding processes, reduced preform molds testing requirements and shorter preform molds delivery periods. All the performs molds that are designed ensuring consistent cooling and efficient heat transfer leading to high preform molds quality and short cycle time, which will bring great benefit to our clients. Besides, we will let our customers know the processing preform molds when the order is going. 

Sino Packaging Co. Ltd also offers upgrades that can improve output, reduce cycle times and add functionality to the equipment. Product design, mold design, mold analysis and mold process simulation all happen within a strong power preform molds team. We have strict with our quality, once our preform molds are disqualified; we won’t export to our company until it though our testing department, the preform molds will be shipping.

Our main preform molds are in Middle East, South Africa, North West... Our preform molds are very popular all over the world and customers are all satisfied with it.
High quality materials and proven mold designs make the preform molds long mold life .Regarding the cooling system, air venting system, all the preform molds design are proved by the new molds meeting, this group are consists of many professional designers and senior engineers. Everyone will forward his best idea of the preform molds design, though a heated discussion, the finial perfect result is come out. Not good for our job to make the best design for our customers, but will benefit to our customers, shorten time, which will makes more productivity of the preforms. 

Using stainless steel eliminates molding surface corrosion and reduces refurbishing and conversion costs. No matter how difficult of the preform molds is, we will make optimized to meet customer’s specific needs.

Based on our years of experience, we can also offer you tailor-made project solution. Our mould can help you become the leader among your competitors. Sino will offer you not a preform molds, but a fine solution to make the rich benefit. High quality mould and prompt after-sale service Sino willingness to offer support to your projects. If you are interested in our preform molds, please do not hesitate to contact Sino.

A good supplier of preform molds, that is Sino Packaging Co. ltd.
Sino PK is willingness to service for you and your projects.

SINO-PK: One of the Famous Perform Molding Maker in China

SINO Package Co. ltd is one of the famous perform molding maker in China, we devote ourselves to the perform molding researching and developing. More and more mould companies begin to make it but now we to be the top perform molding manufacturer, supplying the highest precision and top quality perform molding. As we are strictly plan the tooling process and the clearly know the tooling point, we have the high standard perform molding tooling machines from one step to another step, we are guarantee the quality of the perform molding.

Sino pay attention to the quality of performs molding and ensures the long life of it, so we are strictly control every step of perform mould processing procedure. As we all know, the good preform molding need the precision preform mould, as we are the top preform moulds maker and earned the good reputation among the world, as we have made many sets before and exported too many different countries. So we absolutely is the guarantee of preform molding quality. Besides, we will offer you the professional suggestions and accordingly its solution.

Whether the preform molding is good or not, we can see the preform products to tell .while how can Sino accomplished so many preform molding projects?
Sino have the professional design team, we do the effort to maximum optimize the preform mould structure. So that it will make the preform molding easier and nicer.

l  Preform molding have the brightly surface
The PET plastic material we use is good and easy to mix, so the flow of the preform molding plastic material is smoothly going to the mould and form the preform. What’s more, we use the stainless mould steel as the preform core/cavity, so the polishing degree is more better than other mould steel, we will also do the polishing technology to make the surface of preform mould core like mirror. So the preform molding has the brightly surface.

l  Preform molding screw without bur
The preform molding screw need to be smooth, as it will contact the skin, so we design the self-lock preform mould structure for stabling running. If there is any bur at the outside of the preform molding screw surface, we could change the individual screw while not change a plate.  

l  Preform molding gate is smoothly which is not so obviously
As we use valve injection system, which will not leave large waste plastic material at the bottom of preform molding which is save the labor cost to cut the waste material, it can reduce the cost of the customer.

l  Preform molding have the short cycle time
We design the preform mould with best cooling system and have the professional machinery engineer to adjust the injection machine .we set a circuit cooling way in each preform mould core to maximum short the preform molding cycle time.

l  Preform molding mass production,
We ever made 16 cavities preform mould, 24 cavities preform mould, 32 cavities preform mould, 38 preform mould, 96 preform moulds, etc. So we have experience in making the multi-cavities preform mould, so we can offer the mass production of preform molding.

SINO –PK have done many sets of preform molding project, we have rich experience in supplying the good quality products and we can get know the shortcoming on the computer while will not let it happen on the reality. Come to us, find the reliable preform molding Service Company, making the top quality preform molding .If you have any comments, do not hesitate to contact SINO –PK. We are welcome your down visit and would like to build long term friendly cooperation with each other.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

SINOPK: One of the best Preform Mold Makers in China

Do you want to start a bottle factory? Are you searching for a perform mold supplier?
More and more customer has high quality and high requirements for their products. So if customer wants to get a qualified mold you must be find a good professional mould supplier. 

Sino Mould must be your first choice. Plastic preform mold belong package mould. Sino has a brunch company named Sino Package Mould Company specialized in package moulds. We have professional engineer and project manager to develop the advanced technical. And now, we have mature technology and rich experience.

Sino Package Mould Company is one of the best preform mold maker. Sino-pk can offer customer high quality preform mold with reasonable price.

SINOPK has more than 25 plastic preform mold designers; we had the technical meeting by each week in the past 5 years. We can produce plastic preform mold from 4-120 cavities from present, and will continues to develop 160 cavities in 2012 year.  Below are some features about plastic preform mold:

Product quality control system:
Thickness control tolerance within 0.015mm
High transparent preform clearance
Best neck fitting without water leakage

Mould quality control system:
Standard components interchangeable for each core and cavity
Beat water cooling system in core and cavity and neck screw inserts.

Plastic preform mold information:
l  Plastic preform mold plastic material: PET
l  Plastic preform mold core & cavity steel material: S136 stainless steel.
l  Plastic preform mold cavity: 4-120
l  Plastic preform mold ejector way: stripper plate
l  Plastic preform mold cycle time: from 12S to 50S (from 7G to 192G)
l  Plastic preform mold delivery time: 45 to 70 days. Depend on the mould cavities. But in generally we can deliver goods on time.
l  Plastic preform mold hot runner: Anole hot runner
l  Plastic preform mold gate: hot runner valve gate system.

Qualified plastic preform mould points:

l  Gram: the weight tolerance within 0.1g
l  Mating: checking the mating is qualified or not.
l  Surface quality: have flash, yellowing or not?
l  Size and thickness: is uniformity or not?

If the product has no performance about above describe, it must be a perfect product. Sino also can meet these requirements.

Plastic preform mold spare parts list:

Temperature controller, 1 sets of core and cavity in case of broken to easy change, 1 sets of screw, 2 PCS nozzle heater, heating ring, sealing ring, water nozzle and so on.

To process plastic preform mold we also need preform injection molding machine, actually Sino also can offer customer injection molding machine, and a complete auxiliary machines. If customers need a preform bottle production line, Sino can offer a complete service until customer successfully run them product in the market.

By the way, SINOPK can offer customer plastic preform mold design, Sino has strong design and manufacture capability, especially in preform design and plastic preform mold making, and plastic preform mold testing, plastic preform mold mating and so on.

Each year we exporter more than 500 sets of plastic preform mold, after so many experience, our preform technical team is very skilled in different kinds of plastic preform mold, and the design is easy for customer to operate and to do maintenance.

Plastic preform mold can achieve one mold testing can be shipment. Base on our know-how and years of experience, we offer you a tailor-made project solution. If you interested our plastic preform mold, please feel free to send your enquiry to us. We will offer a tailor made solution for you!