Friday, 26 October 2012

Sino Holdings Group offering high quality Chinese Preform Mould

As a famous Chinese preform mold maker, Sino Package Mould Co., Ltd is specialized in package mould, especially good at making Chinese preform mould, offering PET bottle production line service. We aim to offer our high customer high quality preform mould based on high quality mould steel, high standard mould design, high precision mould processing and strict mould processing management system.

Sino has rich experience in making Chinese preform mould for weight from 10 to 800g, volume from 330ml to 5 gallon with cavity from 1 to 120 cavities. Based on these rich experience, Sino knows well in selecting mould steel for preform mold. We suggest S136 stainless steel for PET preform mould core and cavity considering that PET bottle is used as containers for water and beverage. The mould steel should be stainless and do not harm human health. We suggest DIN1.2311 for mould base steel because the PET preform factory often manufactures PET perform in large quantity. So the mould strength should be good enough for long time working. DIN1.2316 is chosen for screw neck slide piece because the precision and strength of screw neck slide should be strong enough to ensure the fixing effect of the screw and cap.

Sino has advanced mould tooling equipment and detection equipment. Till now Sino has invested more than 20M USD in purchasing and updating our tooling equipment. Now our advanced equipment is imported from Italy, Germany, Japan and Korea, etc. These advanced mould tooling equipment ensures the high precision of our Chinese perform mould. And our detection equipment can detect the mould dimension before, during and after mould processing, which can ensure that any processing problem can be found out and solved in time. So Sino can offer our customer high quality Chinese preform mould.

Sino’s Chinese preform mould enjoys a good reputation in the global market. They have many marked features:

1.       Advanced valve system:
Sino use advanced full hot runner valve system with German origin heating elements in our preform molding. Valve gate system for material sealing ensures the smooth surface of PET preform and there will be no waste of condensed plastic material.
Besides, we have another subsidiary company of Sino Holdings Group offering us Chinese preform mould hot runner systems. That company, named Anole Plastic Molding Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in high quality hot runner systems. We can not only offer good after sales service for mould, but also for hot runner system since we belongs to the same holdings group.
2.       Well designed cooling system:
Sino design cooling system according to the different structure of core and cavity of preform mould Chinese, which ensures the good cooling effect.
3.       Interchangeable core and cavity system:
With this interchangeable system, PET preform mould manufacturer can easily change the damaged core and cavity. Sino also send some sets of core and cavity as spare parts in case that core and cavity is damaged in production process.
4.       Each cavity self-locking system:
PET preform mould is usually multi-cavity mould. It’s very important to ensure the PET mould concentricity. Self locking system can help avoid mould eccentricity. With self locking system, when one cavity doesn’t work well, it will not have an impact on other cavities. And the mold still can work normally.
5.       DME standard for Chinese preform mould spare parts:
For Chinese preform mould spare parts, Sino use DIN1.2344 in DME metric dimension standard. DME standard is an international one.  So our customer can easily buy spare parts in their country to replace damaged ones.
Looking for high quality Chinese preform mould? Please contact Sino Package Mould Co., Ltd.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Sino Package Mould: The Most Famous Closure Molds Manufacturer in China

Sino Package Mould is a professional closure molds maker in China. It already has 20 years experience in making closure molds, can offer customer all over the world high quality closure with diamond service. Sino Package Mould is the most famous closure molds manufacturer in China and it is the biggest closure molds company in Taizhou City.

According to 20 years production practice, Sino Package Mould has already build-up rich closure molds experience. Many years ago, we invested more than 20M USD to purchase advanced closure molds processing equipment home and abroad. Now in our factory, there has more than 50 sets closure molds equipment, include Fidia imported from Italy, Sodick purchased from Japan… which can ensure our closure molds is with high precision and long time closure molds life. We also invest a lot for developing our staff to very professional closure molds expertise in order to offer superior service and professional closure molds suggestion to all the customers all over the world

We made a lot of closure molds, for example, water cap with 4-48 cavities, spray cap, disco cap, flip top cap, thin wall cap and toothpaste cap, etc…

Sino Package Mould customer has already spread all of the mould, why so many customers choose making closure molds in Sino Package Mould.

1.       We have strong product design team. We have the ability to design a very beautiful closure for customers which can be sure this type of closure design is special for you, and is different with your competitors

2.       Before making closure molds, we will do simulative injection testing. By this way will help us improve rate of finished products of closure.

3.       We choose S136 stainless steel to make closure molds which can sure it’s good polish and long time closure molds life. Closure molds base is used Sino standard Mould base which is measure to DME mold base. It will be easier for customers to do maintenance, because DME standard mold base can be easily found in every country.

4.       Our closure molds is with high precision. First our closure molds will be processed in rough tooling equipment and then will process in high speed tooling equipment which is purchased from Italy and Japan.

5.       Stable hot runner system. The hot runner we used for closure molds is Anole brand. It is German original heating elements with durable heating performance. Our hot runner is with stable heating conditions which can increased closure quality. By using our own brand hot runner system can make sure it’s good matching with our closure molds.

6.       Sino Package Mould will adopt double taper positioning technology. Each cavity of closure molds is with self-lock system which can make sure it’s good concentricity.

7.       Screw neck is made according to international standard. The screw material chooses import nitrating steel. This kind of steel is with high hardness. And the closure molds is with high quality and long time closure molds life.

8.       The closure we made is no need to cut the gate by hand. It saves much labor cost.

9.       Our closure molds is in short delivery time. Closure molds delivery time is about 40-60 days.

10.   Good after sales service. When you purchase closure molds from our company and your engineer does not know how to use the closure molds, we can send engineer to your company to take a train for your engineers and help you test the closure molds. And you can also send your engineer to our company to learn closure molds technology.

Sino Package Mould Company devotes itself to offer customers high quality closure molds. If you need order good quality closure molds, welcome to send us enquiry.

Monday, 22 October 2012

SINOPK: A famous Preform Molding Supplier in China

SINOPK is a famous China preform molding supplier, supply high quality preform molding parts and offer China preform molding service as customer’s requirements,
There are many preform molding supplier in China, but there are not many company offer preform mold customized service. When customers have the new bottles, he want to buy large amount of bottles in China, a China preform molding supplier with the ability to develop a new products will be your best choice. SINOPK, can provide preform molds and the preform molding services are offered by us. Apart from that SINOPK is a preform molding supplier, if the customers want some suggestion for how to start a new business in preform molding, China preform molding line turnkey service will be tailored for them.

SINOPK, the professional China preform molding supplier, can offer you a turnkey service.
As we touch our customers, we will ask some questions in order to find a fine solution to the customer’s requirements.

What kind of products do you plan to inject?
Could you send us your products information? Like size, weight, pictures,
For example, you want to make 550ml mineral water bottle, we will know the weight is 17-20g, and the tread the PCO 28. If you can a rough plan for how many quantities you will make in one year or one month, that we will suggest the suitable cavities to your requirements.
After we got the information, we will make a complete quotation as the products including preform mold making price and products making price. And in order to build long term relationship with our customers, we will note them that we will return the preform mold making money after the quantities reach our required quantities.

Mid-sales service from SINOPK:

We will make a timetable for preform mold making, and send mold processing report to our customers every two week. Before we have mold test, we prepare the schedule and invite the customers to inspect our mold injecting. When customers confirm the quality of mold and mold samples, we will draw a mold testing report and test samples quality certification to our customers. After customers confirmed, we will start preform molding work. During the preform molding work, we take pictures and making products measuring report of the injecting parts in the decided time, to let customers know the real situation of preform molding.

SINOPK is professional preform molding supplier China, we not only supply the preform molding parts China, but also offer the whole turnkey service for preform molding line. SINOPK will have rich experience to be China preform molding supplier, and we know every steps of preform molding line. As the customers have the idea to open a new preform molding line. The facilities are suggested by SINOPK.

Injection molds: preform molds and cap molds
Injection machines: If the raw material is PET, we will suggest PET special injection machine.
Auxiliary machines: auto loader, dryer, water chiller.
Blowing machine & blowing mold are for preform mold China. Folding machine & cutting machine & dripping machine are for cap mold.

The above suggestion is from SINOPK, and when you just have the idea for new preform molding factory, hope this information will help you.

When you have the idea to find China preform molding supplier, please kindly contact SINOPK, the professional China preform molding supplier will offer you a fine solution to your worries. If you want to find a China preform molding supplier with the mold design ability, please contact SINOPK, will offer you all-around service to meet your requirements.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Professional Cap Mould Manufacturing Company in China

Sino Package Mould Co., a subsidiary of Sino Holdings Group, is good at various multi-cavity cap moulds manufacturing, for instance, flip top cap mould, spray cap mould, shampoo cap mould, water cap mould, 5 gallon cap mould, oil cap mould, and Disc cap, etc. Annually Sino, as the professional cap mould maker, it offers international market complete and high precision cap molding service. We are keen on manufacturing the mutual interchangeable of the cavities, cores and other components, all the parts of cap moulds are designed as standardized as possible for shortening the delivery time and offering convenience for our customers' mould maintenance.
Most customers will ask why we should choose your company as the cooperative partner. Evidently, the point lies in how to make high quality cap mould for the customers’ preference. Therefore, the followings are the advantages gained by our company.

Experienced cap mould design team

For each professional cap mould manufacturing company, owning an experienced product design team is very important. Professional mould design directly affects the cap mould quality. Therefore, carefulness, responsibility and professionalism are all the necessary qualities owned by our designers.

Advanced cap mould processing equipments

We have our own processing workshop and high precision processing and testing instruments for cap mould such as Fidia high speed CNC machine from Italy, Sodick high precision EDM and Wire cutting machine from Japan, Mazack high performance lathe machine from Japan, etc.
Professional project manager
Also we have a professional project manager to follow the whole project, controlling each tooling step for our customers. The responsibility of the project manager covers from the preparation work started when the order is placed to the final shipment of the mould. Our engineer will offer all of our customers’ professional cap mould suggestion and fine solution.
Favorable staff training and after-sale service

We have made a lot of investment for developing our staff‘s expertise so that we can offer superior service and tailor-made suggestion to our customers. Meanwhile, considerate after-sale service will be offered on the condition that the customer purchases the cap moulds from our company but without any idea using them by his engineer, at this point, we will spare no efforts to send our professional engineers to their countries to do machine testing and do the training for their engineers.

The technical points of cap mould

1.      We choose S136 stainless steel to ensure its good polish and life guarantee of the cap mould; Sino standard mould base which is measured to DME standard for the cap mould base, for DME standard can be easily found in every country, thus it will be easy for the customers to do the maintenance.

2.      Concerning the cap mould hot runner system, we choose Anole hot runner system. Our own brand, Anole hot runner system is with stable heating conditions and durable heating performance, which will ensure the cap quality. Heating elements and Thermocouples are made in German. By using our own brand, the hot runner system can be fitting well with the cap mould we offer to you.

3.      The cycle time: for the common water cap mould without the slide, it needs 7 to 8s; for the common flip-top cap mould without the unscrewing, it needs 14 to 15s.

Meanwhile, we will certainly for you to choose suitable and appropriate plastic injection molding machine and other accessory machines for cap mould.
Are you still finding a professional cap mould manufacturer? Come to Sino, please.